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We have been expressing the joy of color by producing vibrant tie-dyed clothing and accessories since 1989. Choose from over 150 different tie-dyed items, including t-shirts, tanktops, sweats, dresses, pants, hats, baby clothes, sheets, socks, underwear, lab coats, scrubs, wall hanging and lots more!    Visit our departments: NEW ITEMS!Shirts and TopsDresses and SkirtsJackets and CoverupsPants and ShortsSocks and UnderwearInfant/Toddler ClothingYouth Clothing LabCoats and ScrubsAccessoriesBed, Bath and KitchenMiscellaneous
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Lots of pattern choices!!

Rainbow, Spiral

Rainbow, Spiral (a)

Rainbow, Spiral (b) with black

Rainbow, Spiral Liquid Jersey Pants

Rainbow, Double Spiral (a) 

Rainbow, Double Spiral (b) 

Rainbow, Crinkle (no 2 are alike)

Rainbow, Crinkle (no 2 are alike)

Rainbow, Crinkle
(no 2 are alike)

Pastel Rainbow, Spiral 

Pastel Rainbow, Crinkle

Rainbow, Crinkle with white 

Rainbow Slash with blue-purple background

Rainbow curved slash, with blue-purple crinkle background 

Rainbow Slash with blue-green and blue-purple crinkle.

Rainbow S-slash with
blue-purple crinkle 

rainbow diamond
with blue green 

Rainbow, Diamond with
blues and purples

Rainbow, V and Slash border with blue-purple Crinkle background
on a farmers dress

Rainbow, V with blue-purple crinkle background (a)

Rainbow, V with blue-green-purple background (b)

Rainbow, Heart with
blue-purple background

Rainbow, Stripes on Fingerless Gloves

Rainbow, Guitar with Rainbow Crinkle background

Rainbow Border on sleeves and skirt; blue-green-purple crinkle background on Twisted Front Dress

Rainbow V and Border on Sleeves with blue-purple background

Rainbow Border with blue-purple background  

100% cotton (left) vs. 50% cotton/50% poly.

100% cotton (top) vs. 50 cotton/50 poly.

rainbow pattern on a printed tee

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